Some More Australian Wildlife

Below is a selection of animals that have been, or still are, under our care.  
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Please click on the name of the animal and you will find information on the species and more pictures.    Each article will open in a
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(Some of these links have not been completed.  The underlined animal names are currently available)

Brush-tailed Bettong

(Bettongia penicillata)

Long-nosed Potoroo

(Potorous tridactylus)

Sugar Glider
(Petaurus breviceps)
Squirrel Glider
(Petaurus norfolcensis)
Ring-tailed Possum
(Pseudocheirus peregrinus)
Brush-tailed Possum
(Trichosurus vulpecula vulpecula)
Northern Brush-tailed Possum
(Trichosurus arnhemensis)
Tasmanian Brush-tailed Possum
(Trichosurus vulpecula


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