Wombat Rise Sanctuary was setup as a home for injured and orphaned native wildlife and is within easy reach of Adelaide, South Australia.   

View of the property from a nearby hilltop. This is a panorama and https://ebac.mx/decoracion-de-interiores it properly you will need to click on the thumbnail above. To then enlarge further, run mouse over the picture and click on the arrowed box.    Then scroll across.

It is a private sanctuary and we are not open to the public but the owners, Jan and Bob Cleaver are happy to show anyone around should you wish to drop in. However, due to our ages (we are both now well into our pensionable years) there is not a lot to see these days.   A couple of years back we made a conscious effort to downsize and decided we would not take any more orphaned joeys to keep long term but we will continue to take them in but they will be passed on to other carers younger than ourselves.  Our thinking is that we need to be mindful of the animals futures, as most kangaroos can live for 20 year plus, so if we took a young animal in today by the time it reached its use by date we will be getting a letter from the Queen (or six foot under).

Should you still wish to visit you would be more than welcome but it would probably be a good idea to contact us first as we would hate you to have had a wasted journey. We can be contacted via E-mail, or by mobile 0400 924 010.

We are about one and a half hours drive north east of the city and about half an hour out of the Barossa Valley (but if you detour via Barossa Valley and stop off to sample some of their delights, we may never see you!!)

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The Sanctuary is privately owned and is located on Heritage listed land which has also been designated a sanctuary by the National Parks and Wildlife Service of South Australia known as Red Creek Sanctuary.   

We are not funded by any organisation, however if anyone is interested in offering a small donation to assist us, our animals would be very grateful and we would be pleased to supply some advertisement space on this site should you desire it.    Our contact details are shown above or go to the Home Page or to ‘Donations & Thanks’ for more information


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