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Four pictures of our Anusha (or Pocket Rocket as she was affectionately known). It is with a heavy heart that we have to report that she fell ill early in August 2008 and even after two trips to the vet she died within four days of her illness showing itself. You will find two video sequenceshere (1)andhere (2).  The second of these was taken the morning of the day she fell ill – four days from this movie being shot, she was dead! This illustrate just how quickly things can turn sour.
Wanda Fatty Sarah
Click here for video
Click here for video
Click here for video
Wanda returning from a walk Barrelbum emerging Barrelbum and her first baby Big Bad Basil
Mother & Son (Wombles and Basil) Chunky Chumky’s baby still at home Rare tolerance between Chunky and Sarah
Victoria Sarah with an extra foot Aggressive Bilbo I’m gonna get ya
Henry More Henry Shenka bearing her teeth Shenka and Max the cocky living dangerously

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