Helpful tips to know about Medicare Eligibility

Those who have reached the age of 65 are eligible for the Initial Enrollment period and avail Medicare to cover their different ailments and health problems. During this time, they are also eligible to enroll with their choice of Medicare Supplement plans without requiring to go through several questions posed by the providers with regards to their health. Every person qualifies automatically for single Initial Enrollment period, which starts 3 months prior to the Medicare eligibility month. The same ends 3 months after Medicare month eligibility


Opportunity to avail Medicare Supplement plans

Initial Enrollment period can be stated to be the best opportunity to be derived by people eligible to avail Medicare health insurance for themselves and their spouse. Medicare underwriting generally will be required by all providers to provide health insurance coverage to any person. But during this Initial Enrollment period, the federal government has made it possible for seniors to avail Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans available in the region without any questions asked. This is what makes this particular period quite significant and crucial for all seniors, especially those who are concerned about their well being and want to live life happily, fit and leaving behind all financial worries. During this time, no provider can dare to oppose the law to neglect, avoid or reject any application from eligible clients. Get a 2020 plan at

Facility for everyone

Besides seniors, even those suffering from disability can be found eligible at the age of 65 for the 2nd Initial Enrollment period. But those who are in the general category are eligible for the first time on reaching the age 65. So Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans are meant for everyone to avail and no one should miss this opportunity or they will have to end up paying more than what they had bargained.

In majority of the cases, Medicare Supplement plans tend to pay up for those expenses not covered or cared for by the traditional Medicare policy. This can be at the doctor’s office or the hospital. It is to be noted that most prescription drugs are not covered by Medicare Supplements. In such a case, the person should enroll with Prescription Drug plan of Medicare to get comprehensive drug coverage. It is also called Part D and is voluntary and separate insurance which when availed can help lower down the out of pocket expenses on prescription drugs, thus saving good amount of money.