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Best time for seniors to travel

Best time for seniors to travel

Travelling is a hobby for a number of individuals. People who are having travelling as their hobby love to travel to different locations and explore the beauty which exists there. One should carefully select the location as it will govern the way in which they can have a nice time at the targeted location. Even it will make them visit different attractive spots which are present at the targeted location.  A 2019 medicare supplement plan can be there when you travel across the country.

The kind of place which is selected is also governed by the age of the seniors. During the early age, they can even visit distant places and get an opportunity to explore them during their leisure time after retirement. Mostly after a certain age period, they won’t be that much capable to explore such distant places and have a chance of exploring those places.

Suitable time for seniors to travel

Numbers of factors are to be considered before selecting the time period when senior people should travel. Based on the age which they have and the local climatic conditions the majority of the decisions are taken. These factors are considered as they are likely to have a maximum impact on the health of the senior people. Only if these factors are favourable one can have a nice time at the targeted location.

Based on the kind of season prevalent at the location, the environment will be acting accordingly. It is therefore important to ensure that we have selected the right season where the environmental impact on the body is minimal for seniors. This will help in ensuring that we are able to explore the targeted location and senior people are not facing the severe environmental conditions.

It is normally considered a smart decision to select the shoulder season which is April through mid-June or even September and October. This will allow you to avoid some of the exhausting things about the weather which can impact the senior people while they are travelling. They can, therefore, focus on exploring places and spending time with their loved ones rather than worrying about the impact on their body.


Thus, we can say that it is required to consider the impact which environment can have over the body of the senior people. It will help you to select the most favourable time when this impact is minimal so that senior people can explore the location where they are visiting. Even as they are not having any health issue at the location they can explore their hobby too at the location.

Medicare Supplement plans: Some guidelines to change or select plans

Expenses not addressed by traditional Medicare Part A & B is taken care of by different types of Medicare Supplement plans. Few plans tend to focus upon the core benefits and other emphasizes upon covering out of pocket expenses and deductibles for outpatient care.

Availability of Medicare Supplement plans- find one here

Even though 12 supplemental plans have been created, the truth is that not all 12 are offered across the country. Moreover, providers do not sell all plans as some come with less commission. This only makes plan selection all the more complicated and confusing for those who are eligible to avail it. This will only leave the person to wonder how should he/she go ahead with the selection process and find a supplement plan that offers comprehensive coverage. Also, one has to keep in mind the important aspect that all providers do sell standardized, similar plans.

Excellent solutions

Medicare is stated to be a compromise between the desired healthcare for senior citizens as well as what is offered by the government. Medicare Supplement plans can be termed to be the perfect solutions available to such ‘gaps’ present in Medicare coverage. Also, they cover those items which are not afforded by Medicare. It includes specialized therapeutic care, coverage for emergencies which occurs in foreign countries and extended hospital stays. Prior to enrolling with the plan, it is necessary to understand the type of coverage options available along with the rules and regulations which govern the changing policies. In case, the person is still employed and enjoys group health plan coverage, then it can affect Medicare options.

Seniors not having PPO or HMO plan type coverage during initial enrollment period are recommended to join Part B & D of Medicare. It covers certain prescriptions and medical insurance, respectively. Generally, people get enrolled with Part A Medicare automatically as they qualify for Social Security.

Medicare Supplement plans should not be selected or coverage changed if presently covered by trade union, employer or special program. It will be useful to discuss with a certified and experienced agent to seek the best options available. They can understand their client’s current situation and budget and accordingly suggest a supplement plan which will work best in their favor. Specific guidelines do exist which govern as to when people can enroll with Medicare and when to switch between plans. Besides the enrollment date deadlines, also do exist several restrictions to be followed, region-wise. Hence, prior to getting enrollment, Part A & B coverage is a must.

Helpful tips to know about Medicare Eligibility

Those who have reached the age of 65 are eligible for the Initial Enrollment period and avail Medicare to cover their different ailments and health problems. During this time, they are also eligible to enroll with their choice of Medicare Supplement plans without requiring to go through several questions posed by the providers with regards to their health. Every person qualifies automatically for single Initial Enrollment period, which starts 3 months prior to the Medicare eligibility month. The same ends 3 months after Medicare month eligibility


Opportunity to avail Medicare Supplement plans

Initial Enrollment period can be stated to be the best opportunity to be derived by people eligible to avail Medicare health insurance for themselves and their spouse. Medicare underwriting generally will be required by all providers to provide health insurance coverage to any person. But during this Initial Enrollment period, the federal government has made it possible for seniors to avail Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans available in the region without any questions asked. This is what makes this particular period quite significant and crucial for all seniors, especially those who are concerned about their well being and want to live life happily, fit and leaving behind all financial worries. During this time, no provider can dare to oppose the law to neglect, avoid or reject any application from eligible clients. Get a 2020 plan at

Facility for everyone

Besides seniors, even those suffering from disability can be found eligible at the age of 65 for the 2nd Initial Enrollment period. But those who are in the general category are eligible for the first time on reaching the age 65. So Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans are meant for everyone to avail and no one should miss this opportunity or they will have to end up paying more than what they had bargained.

In majority of the cases, Medicare Supplement plans tend to pay up for those expenses not covered or cared for by the traditional Medicare policy. This can be at the doctor’s office or the hospital. It is to be noted that most prescription drugs are not covered by Medicare Supplements. In such a case, the person should enroll with Prescription Drug plan of Medicare to get comprehensive drug coverage. It is also called Part D and is voluntary and separate insurance which when availed can help lower down the out of pocket expenses on prescription drugs, thus saving good amount of money.

Tips to select the best and reliable Medicare supplement agent

There is a genuine need for all eligible citizens to avail Medicare and the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement plans as much as possible to stay fully covered and to get the best medical treatments whenever necessary. But to get that supplement plan, it is important to contact a reputed and well established agent who has the right credentials and is really trustworthy to the core. Unfortunately, there is the stigma attached with insurance agents for being smooth talking, stereotypical and car salesman prototype. There are many people who may decide to switch to Medicare Supplement plans from Medicare Advantage plans after Open Enrollment period. But to do so and to enjoy the innumerous benefits provided by this federal government sponsored supplement plans, it is crucial to choose the perfect agent.

What to avoid?

One aspect which tends to divide multitudes for the agents is who they are working for and how leads are derived! Even though cold calling is not encouraged these days and is considered illegal, most agents do find people on ‘Do not disturb’ list. These vulnerable customers are only pestered continuously. In case, the agents calls up and the recipient does not have any idea from where the number has been derived, and then simply hang up! This is because, the agent has violated a federal law.

Are independent agents trustworthy to buy Medicare Supplement plans? yes we are so visit

Often, cold calling to sell Medicare Supplement plans is generally done by independent agents, those who freelance for different carriers. But this does not necessarily mean that they cannot be relied upon. It is stated that independent agents are the best in this business and can offer myriads of plans as well as the most appropriate ones suited to the needs of the clients and their budget. But those agents employed with a single carrier only will not be able to provide more than a single quote. Shopping around is very much important to get the best and affordable plans from a carrier that is trustworthy and can be dependent upon during emergency times. Independent agents working for multiple carriers can also offer the least prices for the plans without compromising on any particular benefit or aspect. They will also ensure that the plans offered are very much comprehensive to meet all health needs of their clients. As a word of caution, avoid agents offering only one type of plan specifically F. although this plan is quite comprehensive, it offers the agents with the most commission. Find out what is suitable for the individual!

Two important benefits of Medicare Advantages Plans

In some cases, having an original Medicare Part A or B is simply not enough. One might need additional health care services that aren´t covered, yet cost a lot. If you have already looked at different advantages plans, you are affected by this and already know that you simply need additional health care insurance to lower you costs, while allowing you to get all the health services that you need.

What does 2019 Medicare advantages plan cover?

The first plan of the 10 Medicare advantages plans available is plan A. It is not as expensive as the other ones, but therefore doesn´t cover all expenses, that for example, a plan F might cover. There are two important benefits, that advantages plan A does cover. If you think of them and acknowledge that it is exactly these two benefits you are most in need of, Medicare advantages plan A might be just the right amount of additional health care for you!

  1. Hospital care – with this first, main coverage point, you can be assured, that with getting the advantages plan A, you will be covered in case that you need to be admitted to the hospital. This is a crucial point, that attracts many to enroll to this advantages plan. No one can really know when problems with health may appear, as even the healthiest people out there can get sick all of a sudden. Similarly, accidents and sudden traumas can occur and although you might have never had the need to be admitted into hospital in your entire life, you can never know if you will need to and this is something that can change quickly. When admitted to the hospital, Medicare advantages plan A will cover the costs that you will require to get healthy again, such as meals in the hospital, nursing services, a semi-private room and other health services you might require while in the hospital. A private room won´t be covered, unless your doctor sees this to be important for your health. Also, should you need blood, the Medicare advantages plan A won´t cover it. In some cases, the hospital can get it from a blood bank, which is free of charge, or someone might be able to donate it to you. If not, you will need to pay for the first three units of blood. Should more than that be necessary, the advantages plan A will start covering for it.
  2. Home health services – requiring a home health service is to many patients crucial to the healing process. Home health services involves physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology services and part-time skilled nursing care. Patients who have had the need of using these services without being enrolled to a advantages plan, know that paying for the insurance instead of these treatments separately, saves a lot of money, while providing you with the peace of mind and knowledge that whenever you might need these services due to your bad health, you can get them without having to worry about the costs!



Medicare supplement plans: all the basics you need to know

A Medicare supplement plan is a health-care plan that is offered by private insurances to supplement the original one, other known as Medicare basic. The original Medicare plan is divided into the Medicare Part A for hospital insurance, Medicare Part B for medical insurance, Medicare Part C, other known as medical advantage and part D, which covers prescription drugs. No matter which of these original plans one might have, in most cases not all expenses end up getting covered and patients are still left paying extra for things like insurance overseas and in some cases prolonged hospital visits and special medical treatments. The Medicare supplement plans are specifically there to help these patients lower their costs.

The Medicare supplement plans will only be available to those who are and stay enrolled in an original Medicare one. One can´t have a supplement plan without already paying for the original, basic one. There are some requirements to be able to enroll to one of the Medicare supplement plans. For example, some states only offer it to patients who are over 65 years old and people younger than that can only get the original Medicare option.

What supplement plans for 2019 with medicare?

Currently, there are 10 different plans, known by the letters A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and they are all available in most states in the exact same form and whatever the state, the benefit you would get out of, for example, a G supplement plan will remain the same. Which of these plans Is best, depends on the individual´s personal health state and their yearly expenses for health care.

What do supplement plants cover?

These supplement plans cover firstly hospital costs, that the original Medicare plan no longer covers due to reaching a certain amount of days in hospice. They also stand as a coinsurance that pays for skilled nursing facility care, for abroad health insurance,

What isn´t covered?

It is important not to forget, that the supplement plan doesn´t cover everything either. For example, patients who need long-term care, such as in a nursing homes, won´t be able to rely on their supplement plan for cost coverage. Dental care and routine visits, eyeglasses, hearing aids and prescription drugs are also not covered by this plan. For prescription drugs, there are separate basic plans such as the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (D).

It might not be as easy to find out which plan works best and whether you need a supplement plan in the first place. However, taking a look at what is covered and comparing it to one´s personal situation and needs will help get you a step further. In general, the supplement plan is beneficial to patients who have a basic plan, but need a lot of doctor´s visits or frequent hospitalizations due to a health condition, to those who want the peace of mind knowing that medical expenses will be covered, should anything unforeseen happen and to those who travel through the States a lot and want to be able to get medical help wherever they are.


Limit your medical care costs with Medicare supplement plan K

As Medicare original part A and B don´t cover all costs, private health insurance companies offer supplemental plans, which cover these costs that you would otherwise have to pay out of your own pocket. The premium rates for these plans vary on the type that you choose. Plans who cover more benefits tend to be more expensive and the ones covering less will also cost less. Which of these options is best really depends on the individual and their personal situation. While to some it´s important to have a supplement plan that covers everything, others find this to be necessary and would rather want a different type of security.

There are two available Medicare supplement plans, that have an out-of-pocket limit; plan L and supplement plan K. This means, that your costs for medical care in one year can only reach that firmly set limit. Everything you might require and that might cost above the limit you had already paid for the year, will be covered by these supplement plans. This is a great way of additional insurance for those who don´t really need to have full-coverage, but also want to avoid very high costs, for example in a case of an emergency surgery.

Medicare Supplement Plan K

In 2018, the Medicare supplement plan K limit was at 5,240$. There are benefits that are covered up to 50%, however after reaching this limit and depending on the case, the supplement plan K should cover the expenses to a 100% after having reached the limit. The benefits covered by supplement plan K are:

  • Costs for Medicare Part A deductible
  • Costs for Part A coinsurance or copayment, due to hospice care
  • Costs for skilled nursing facility care coinsurance
  • Costs for Medicare Part B copayment or coinsurance
  • Costs for first three pints of blood, necessary for a medical procedure (per year)


What Medicare Supplement Plan K doesn´t cover?  Find out at

Bevor and after reaching the set limit, there are certain expenses that aren´t covered by Medicare supplement plan K at all. This is important to keep in mind, as should you be looking for a plan that covers exactly these expenses, plan K is not be the best option for you to lower your medical care expenses. The plan K doesn´t cover:

  • Medicare part B deductible
  • Medicare part B copayments
  • Prescription medication
  • Vision screenings
  • Hearing aids


Depending on the health insurance company, the cost for Medicare supplement plan K can vary. While health insurance companies don´t get to individually decide what benefits the plan covers, they are allowed to set their own prices for the plan. This can start at around 500$, with the highest premium for the Medicare supplement plan K laying at around 2000$. Also, prices may and can vary from individual to individual. Another thing to keep in mind is that this standardization is applied in 47 states only. Citizens of Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Minnesota have different standardizations. This Medicare supplement plan is also only available to those who are over the age of 65.


If one does not plan well, he will often fail, and emphasis need to be laid to ensure that however tough it could become, one has a solid plan that needs to be made early enough to be able to enjoy life when retirement strikes.

There is always a dark cloud that hovers around making people fail to plan early enough and as such cause pain in the latter years when the time is already far much gone. But in spite of all the challenges that one may experience while planning for retirement, one thing that remains constant is pressing on and planning effectively on what the future is going to hold.


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Some of the things one need to take into account are to ensure that the following points have been laid down and the ways to achieve them have been identified.

  1. Making sure that realistic goals have been set- Without a set goal, one is bound to fail. The fact that retirement is about resting at home and doing nothing, this has never been practical because from experience seniors are still working hard to meet their daily needs and investing in new businesses which promote the growth of the economy.
  2. Have a budget that will support in making decisions- Budgets are sometimes hard to put in place, but it is very important to have one as you plan for retirement since it will help in knowing where to put much emphasis on and know the kind of investment one would wish to venture in upon retirement. Do not spend all the money earned during the youthful time. Invest it in savings plans and all will be well as you start retirement with some good money to keep you moving.
  3. Taking charge of any extra money that one may earn during official duties- This includes the bonuses that you during an annual event. One should make sure that such kind of money is invested in the retirement fund and this will help increase the savings that could support in investments or future use -.


Once the age of retirement reach, there is no option than to take it positively and move on to the next phase of life with a positive attitude but of course with great plans that will help a person become effective and relevant to the society.

Retirement Fees that you must not pay, know how to avoid

Retirement benefits come with complex numbers and rules that the fees get triggered instantly. However, people following the rules carefully accumulate account balance during retirement and also get from Social security the required money. Here are few retirement penalties that require careful planning to avoid them.

Humana Medicare Advantage Plans 2019

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IRA penalties for early withdrawal

  • There is early withdrawal penalty of 10 percent for IRA distributions before 59 ½ years and before age 55 401(k) distributions. This penalty is applied apart from the income tax regularly that is due on withdrawal. There are various ways to access the money early. For instance a 401(k) loan is eligible to employees so that they borrow from their vested account balance up to 50 percent and this can be up to $50,000 without tax consequences or penalties, but keep a watch for the loan fees or due, in case you are leaving your job.
  • There are exceptions to early IRA withdrawal penalty. If the money is used for paying large medical bills, first home purchase, college costs or health insurance, the penalty is not applicable. People setting up annuity regular payments from the account are not charge the penalty of 10 %.  Even specific groups can avoid penalty such as disabled people and military reserves members on active duty.
  • Roth IRA owners can also opt for early withdrawal without any penalty levied, provided they do not withdraw surpassing the contributed amount to the account.
  • Skipping minimum distribution also calls for a penalty. Withdrawals annually from the retirement traditional accounts is needed after 70 ½ years. For people who are 70 ½ and older, are expected to take RMDs and by December 31, from the traditional 401 (k), income tax is taken on each withdrawal. The penalty is on missing the minimum required distribution is 50% of the money that must have been withdrawn and adding to it is the income tax due.
  • Social security penalty for early enrollment. Starting social security at 62 years is possible, but on signing before the retirement age, your payments get reduced. It is age 66 or 67 typically. In case you start collecting at age 62 the benefits, after retirement, you will get monthly payments smaller by 25 percent and after full retirement at 67 years, it will be smaller by 30 percent. If you are between 67 and 70 years, you may suspend temporarily the payments to social security that allows earning retirement credits and you also get 8 percent social security benefit with each year before 70 years.